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15 August 2008 - 09:51
Ten years of Lene - The première of "Unforgivable Sinner"
Here we are with another ten-years anniversary in Lene Marlin's artistic career!

Today we celebrate an event that would change Lene Marlin's life in a few months.
This exact day in 1998, just two days before her 18th birthday, the norwegian radio networks broadcast for the first time "Unforgivable Sinner", the song bound to beat many records in Norway. At that time it was the 24-hours fastest-selling single ever, and stayed for 8 weeks in a row at #1: released on October 12th 1998, it topped the charts from October 21st to December 9th. In these two months it sold almost 30,000 copies (consider Norway has a population of 4,5 million).
However, "Unforgivable Sinner" couldn't but pass the borders of Norway, and became an international hit the year after. It let Lene collect many awards in her homeland and abroad, even an MTV Europe Music Award in November 1999 as Best Nordic Artist. In Italy the song was released on March 9th 1999, and in that summer it stayed for 13 weeks in the top five in the single chart, reaching #1 in June. In Japan the single reached #1 too and was released with a beautiful b-side: "I Know".
"Unforgivable Sinner" was included in the soundtrack of the norwegian movie "Schpaaa": some clips of the film can be seen in the norwegian version of the video for the song, shot in Oslo. The second version of the Unforgivable Sinner video is the most known famous: it was shot in the Toronto Union Station, Canada. A third video for the song was shot in New York City in the year 2000. In this video Lene had dark hair - that was the only time she appeared in public with this look. It was late 2000: Lene had already withdrawn from the spotlight, but the single was being finally released in England too (and reached #13). This third video was filmed for the British market.
We can say that "Unforgivable Sinner" dominated the scenes for almost three years, it launched Lene into the highest peaks of international success, it made her famous but it upset her life too. In a few months, she had to change from an ordinary teenager who had just moved from her hometown Tromsø to the capital Oslo, to a huge star facing continuous travels, tv appointments, interviews and award ceremonies.
However, the image of that small, blond girl, always serious in pictures but shining in person, is engraved in the memory of many people, especially her italian fans who cannot forget her and today wish her a happy 10-years anniversary of her outstanding debut in music.


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