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08 August 2008 - 09:16
Lene Marlin recording her 4th album?
Ten days ago our Luke was the first to discover on a Bergen newspaper that Lene is working in a studio, probably recording new songs for her 4th album (as in our Press Review). The news was then reported by many other newspapers, including Bladet Troms°.
We haven't made any move until now because we are still waiting for an official confirm, and because it actually took many of us by surprise, even though the silence of Lene could tell something was going on, indeed. She herself reminded us on her blog that when she hides for a while it means she's in a creative mood - and by the way, it's been six months since the last blog update, wake up! :D
So, anyway, the news says Lene Marlin was seen more then once this summer in Ask°y, near Bergen, where norwegian artist Even 'Magnet' Johansen has his recording studios. The newspaper tells that other musicians have been visiting the studios to work on the new songs by Lene, but of course nobody has confirmed yet - and we know this is not unusual to Lene.
However, we wish her a good time working and we are really looking forward to meeting her very soon, in the two concerts she's going to have in Norway: many italian and international fans will be there, as usual.

Let us announce here that Luke has now officially entered in the Lene.it Staff! We are sure this will guarantee a better service to all the fans: Luca has been always a great fan and friend, with a strong and constant passion for Lene through all these years. So, welcome Luke!


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