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17 July 2008 - 23:52
Five years of Lene - You Weren't There
Exactly five years ago some italian fans got the chance to listen to 45 seconds of Lene's comeback single on the Radio Capital website, anticipating the airplay of the week, scheduled to begin in Italy only the day after - July 18th 2003, even before Norway.
That was an evening the fans in our chatroom will never forget, including our webmaster Zuzzy, the first one to find out the pre-listening on Radio Capital. It's hard to tell the emotion, the joy, and the tears moved by those notes, while we recognized in that song the voice and the tune - somehow different, but always lovely - of one Lene Marlin we had been waiting for patiently for more than three years.
It was a rebirth, for this site and forum too: You Weren't There was actually Lene's biggest international success after Playing My Game: the song went breaker in Italy and set the record for the highest number of weeks at #1 in the norwegian Hit40 and has been one of the most appreciated songs in Norway.
We could tell you lots of things about You Weren't There. That Norway anticipated the radio airplay of the song because in Italy it was already being played and so norwegian fans and radios pushed for the song to be released there too. Or about the sensations when we saw Lene again in her video, the first meeting with Lene that september while the single went breaker and Lene's second album Another Day was released.
So many beautiful memories, and again one person to thank for that, whom we seem to have known somehow for a long time by now, and still is able to surprise us every time.
Thank you, Lene!


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