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27 December 2007 - 21:20
Ten years of Lene - The record deal
This news opens the celebration for a long series of ten-years anniversaries in Lene Marlin's music career!

Today is one important date: Lene turns 10 in her artistic life, for ten years ago, when she was 17 years old, she signed her contract with Virgin Records Norway.
Of course we do not believe one is an artist just because of a piece of paper: it's something from the inside, then one can become an artist "officially", in many ways. Lene's way was special indeed, for she did not search for the success: it was success that came to her.
As long as her inner artist nature is concerned, we can say that her parents told that when she was only two years old she cried when leaving a guitar in a music shop; then at 14 she started writing songs, and at 15 she started playing the guitar (which she received as a Christmas present exactly 12 years ago). With that instrument she wrote about fourty pieces of music in a couple of years: she would record them on tape and sometimes play them for her brother and her schoolmates in the Tromsdalen High School.
Producers Hans Olav Grøttheim and Jørn Dahl chose 16 of those songs in order to prepare what would turn out to be Lene's first album, that eventually contained 10 songs (11 in the Japanese release), while another song was included as a b-side for the launching single "Unforgivable Sinner".

But how did Lene sign her record deal? The story is well-known, but it's worth telling anyway: Lene's friends noticed her talent and in the summer of 1997 they booked for her a room to record two songs as a demo in the NRK studios - the main Norwegian Radio/TV network. On her way back home Lene had to take the bus because that day her dad was busy, but she didn't feel like, so she ended up asking a lift to a guy who turned out to be NRK journalist Egil Jens Pettersen.
He had listened to her and had noticed her talent: he told her that he had a friend in Virgin Records in Oslo who might have been interested, and asked her the permission to give him the songs. Lene could hardly believe it, but she agreed: the demo tape was sent and some days later director Per Eirik Johansen called her for a full demo recording session. Lene flew to Oslo and in two hours and a half she sang her best songs.

The exact dates of these earlier events are not sure, and sometimes neither are the events themselves, that's why we took the 10-years anniversary of the record deal as the first episode of this celebration.
We are sure though that Lene carries in her heart many other dates and important moments - one day she might be telling about! - and we wish her many other professional and human satisfactions.

Sources: lene-marlin.no archive, lene.it press review and biography section


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