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31 October 2007 - 22:01
On the issue of September/October 2007 of Norwegian magazine "Henne" there is a truly magnificent article about Lene Marlin: 11 pages with lots of brand new pictures and a long beautiful interview. The result is excellent, it describes effectively Lene's "energetic" mood we know very well by now, so different than the earlier times that friend and guitarist Berni says she's a bit of Italian - Lene laughs. Even the earlier fans will find new stories about Lene's past told by herself while the author tells her story, particularly the "Playing My Game" period.

First, the dream Lene had about attending the last year of high school in the USA, that may have changed her life, as she herself tells, but the record deal was already signed (December 1997) and her life was about to be turned upside-down. Then, in Taiwan, on a day in November 1999 something broke: Lene had no more control over her life, the appointments and the success were more and more and that was becoming dangerous. That day Lene had a fever and was tired, but at the airport she was "welcomed" by cameras and dozens of flashes. She hid her face behind a teddy bear she had with her all the way through the crowd until she got in the car, while photographers were chasing her - nobody sensing that she was crying. But there was no time for crying, a popstar has to smile and shake hands to everybody, even when inside she's feeling bad.

Lene reveals also that many of her songs are actually about friendship and not love, even though people often think it's the opposite. She tells also that sometimes she writes so much it cannot be included into a song, and it ends up more as short stories. Last, the article says also that last summer Lene was again in New York City: sitting on bench in a park, looking at people passing by, thinking and writing, feeling fine in a place where she didn't have to fill her thoughts with people recognizing her.


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