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20 August 2007 - 21:57
Lene to come back to Italy!
The one published by Dagbladet two days ago was a very surprising interview indeed.

Like in 2003, Lene lingers again on the therapy that helped her enormously, which she recommended to other acquaintances of hers too. Lene states she takes her work very seriously, she's perfectionist, sensitive, and needs to express herself through her songs, though sometimes she can't do this like she would want - she says many of her songs have been actually rubbished (and how we would love to be that waste basket!)
This self-criticism leads her to little "crises" when she realizes a songs is not as good as she wants and she has to work again on it. Although, she does not feel the pressure of the obligation to create a hit or to publish a new album. She writes firstly for herself, to tell her feelings, and so she takes all the time she needs. She does not miss the hurry life of music industry, she's enjoying her freedom and so makes little plans for the future. Also, she likes it when people comment about her absences, because she does not want to stay always under the spotlight, and jokes about retiring.
That is, Lene confirms that she's willing to keep the control of her life and her career, safeguarding her mind and freedom, gladly doing without major fame and stress. She's happy when people notice her absence, but this does not make her feel in duty bound to modify her plans, for music is essentially a therapy to her, so she must express it in the right times.
This is something even the most "impatient" fans should always remember, though Lene reassures again she is writing more and more songs and wants to publish more music, but an album needs the right mixture of songs and energies.
In this moment she has another idea in her mind: not big concerts, where she's never felt properly comfortable, but live performances in smaller clubs for an italian "wine and food tour". Lene says she's talked about this many times with her guitarist Berni, so it may come true soon.
After all, Lene had already told us about this idea, and promised that this year she would be back in Italy: we are waiting for her joyfully, grateful and happy that she has good memories of our land.

For now the appointment to remember is next saturday, August 25th, when Lene will perform in her hometown Tromsø for the second time, at Døgnvillfestivalen, three years after her local "debut". Go Lene!!


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