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07 June 2007 - 19:08
Lene on every newspaper!
VG, Nordlys, Aftenposten... all the Norwegian newspapers today write about Lene Marlin and publish new pictures of her together with two guys from Swiss band Lovebugs.
Nordlys asks Lene what she's been up to after "Lost In A Moment". She answers: - He-he, I've been here. People ask me why I went away again, but it wasn't like that. I don't like talking about things before they are finished.
Lene says it was the right moment for a live performance at the Døgnvill Festival, and that being it in August and in Tromsø made everything easier.
About the new song written for Rihanna together with StarGate, Agderposten says that StarGate called Lene and asked if she wanted to help them writing something for Rihanna's new album. Lene joked that she wished she had written "Umbrella", but then she says that just knwoing that a song she helped writing some lyrics for is in the album is great. Lene states she loves writing songs, but still dosen't know how she will use them, so it happens to be great when someone wants to sing them.
Lene says to VG that she loves writing, but has no plans for a new album right now. Avalon is ready for the rest of Europe and Asia - where Lene is already famous - and she would like to perform again together with Lovebugs.

Lene says also: - My Italian fanclub is amazing! They travel around the world to see me and listen to my music! They know things about me even before me, and their website is updated almost every day!
What can we say? Indeed, that Lene is amazing, we just try to be like her! :-)

The interviews and pictures we could bring to you tell now a more precise situation than the previous ones, and most of all they confirm that Lene is happy and pleased by how things are going. Avalon seems very likely to be launched in Asia too - we may guess, Taiwan in particular - where both Lene and Lovebugs are famous.

Again, we really must thank very much Nina, a Norwegian fan of Lene since the early times, who has jumped on board as a Staff Collaborator and will translate and inform us about the most recent news from Norway. As you can see, this she does very fast and accurately!
A big thank you also to all the fans who always strive to collect and point out news, pictures and whatever makes this fanclub alive and kicking!


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