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03 December 2006 - 13:05
Back from Genève - Lene.it special report
In less than two weeks Lene Marlin will go to Switzerland again, to perform together with Lovebugs. More than 20 people from the Italian fan-club will be there, we will keep you fully updated.

Today we bring to you our special journal of Lene's last public appearance, on Sept. 9th in Genève, at the Miss Switzerland show.
By clicking here you can read our story, written by Zuzzy and fully translated in English by Pegasus_TDCi. It's not only about the meetings with Lene, it's about all that's happened before and after too.

And, if you haven't read it yet, take a look at the English report by our friends at lenemarlin.fr, and at the photos taken by the Italian and French fans in our Experiences section.


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