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26 October 2006 - 21:04
The news was announced today by the official website lenemarlin.com: Lene Marlin will return to Switzerland, appearing again live with Lovebugs on the National Swiss Television. The exact date and the details have not been set yet, what we know is they will perform "Avalon" in a national TV show, before Christmas. This wasn't planned at first: it happens now because of the huge success of "Avalon", this week's most played record in the swiss radios, the song that has pushed Lovebugs' album to platinum.
The last time Lene visited Switzerland was on Sept. 9th, when she performed "Avalon" with Lovebugs at the Miss Switzerland show. By the way, in the next days we will update our Experiences section with all the pictures from that day (reports will take a little more time to be translated into english).


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