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25 September 2006 - 15:25
Lene records "What If" for "The Sims 2"
> 1,001 news on Lene.it!!! <
Lene Marlin has recorded one of her songs for the videogame "The Sims 2 - Pets", out next month. The song is "What If", performed in the "simish" language, the strange language spoken by the characters of the famous videogame. "Singing in simish was funny and surprisingly nice" Lene said to VG. The producers from Electronic Arts (EA), the company that released The Sims, have added voices of famous artists to the game in order to better it, and at EA Norway they thought about Lene as an ideal voice to be embedded in the game. By the way, Lene has told VG she likes videogames, though she hasn't been playing for a while. Looking forward to hearing Lene singing in simish, we remind you that the videogame will be worldwide released on October 19th. You'll find more details and the interview with Lene in our Press Review, with thanks to Nina for providing us with it.

Another historical goal scored today by Lene.it: this news you are reading is number 1,001! Yep, in more than six years we published 1,000 news. The very first one dates back to August 18th 2000 (the day before our official opening) and it was about the launch in the UK of Unforgivable Sinner. The first news in the english section was published on April 2001, and it was an article about Lene's native hometown.
Lots of scoops, previews, updates and specials we have always tried to bring to you to provide you with complete information about everything regarding Lene (excluding the gossip, that we always wanted to keep out of our editorial choices). With this news today we want to thank all the old-time and new visitors of Lene.it, who are making our work fulfilling by their constant support!


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