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30 October 2005
Concert in Beijing Report
Source : Sina.com.cn
Norwegian singer Lene Marlin, who has just promoted her new album "Lost in a moment" held an intimate concert for the new album in Xidan Jingku KTV in Beijing with the invitation of EMI records. Lene met the fans who had been expecting for Lene's tour in Beijing for a long long time and this is the first time for Lene to come to Beijing,and even China.

When she was just 19, Lene Marlin was named Best Nordic Artist at the MTV Awards for her album "Playing My Game", and now Lene is already 24 years old, she is back with her new album "Lost in a moment", a litte bit different from "Playing my game" and "Another Day" but with the same her pure voice. In the intimate concert, Lene talked about the inspiration of creating the new album. Lene said the new album is her most private one and she had to find the inspiration as when she created her first album "Playing my game", so she wanted more peace and freedom, it had to be her own true feeling but not be affected by other people when she created this album.

Before the end of the concert, Chinese rock singer, Xu Wei who also signed in EMI records came to congratulate specially. Lene felt happy to meet Xu Wei and she was full of praise to Xu Wei's music, and they shared the experience about how to use acoustic guitar to make music more easy-listening, also they change each other's new album as presidents. They hoped they could cooperate with each other in future. At last, Xu Wei wished that Lene's new album would be sold well in China.

Lene sang the new song "How would it be" in the intimate concert, through this song we can feel that Lene's music style is maturer than before. "What if" is a nice song, it was thought to be a classic one which will take can take a good place in the pop music board. "Disguise", this song is once covered by a Taiwan female pop singer named Chiang Mei Chi, and the name of Chinese cover is "I'm ok". What's more, Lene sang her newest song "Still here", the English cover of Faye Wong's song "I do", and this song make fans feel more genial and excited than the other three songs.

Lene said that altough this was her first time to come to China, she had few time to walk around in Beijing and visit the places of interest such as the Great Wall and Summer Palace. But, Lene had known something about China through some historical books and pictures before. Also, Chinese food is her favorite.

Translated from Chinese by Alas


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