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30 October 2005
Interview in Beijing
Source : Sina.com.cn
Lene: Hello to everybody in sina.

Sina: Hello, Lene. You are a song writer, and you're very young, and you are famous for your music. So, what's the inspiration of your songs?

Lene: Well, I get my inspirations from my surroundings. People around, my own life, things I see, people I see. Yeah, I will say my surroundings people are important.

Sina: So the surrounding influenced you very much.

Lene: Yes.

Sina: Well, when you write your songs, do you have planning structures for your songs, or do you just with your inspiration?

Lene: No structure. I write songs whenever I'm inspired. I can never write when I have no inspirations. When I get an idea, I write it down when I'm in the car, on the airplane, when I'm playing or at home. It doesn't matter, I write down whenever I have my inspiration.

Sina: One of the American magazines, named "Rolling stone", points out that you're the best voice of this century. So, do you agree with that?

Lene: I don't think that's true. I'm not very clear about that. I don't really agree with that. But I'm very pleased that there are so many people in China that like my songs.

Sina: It is said that lots of American magazines like EMG give a report that your voice is the best voice. Very high praise for you.

Lene: Yes, well, someone said that my voice is very special. I think, you know, people like what I do, my voice, my songs and whatever is very special feeling. That's great.

Sina: Someone thinks that you are the most representative Norway artist. Do you have something to say to Chinese fans?

Lene: About original music? There are many many great original singers in Norway. Yes, I have many favourite musicians which make original music.

Sina: As we all know, you play guitar when you perform. So, do you think that playing guitar will show your music very good?

Lene: Well, I use guitar because I'm interested in it when I was very young. I received a guitar as a birthday gift when I was 15. So, I feel very happy to use guitar to show my music.

Sina: There are some rock stars like Avril from Canada, they also play guitar. Could you tell me some differences between you and Avril?

Lene: Yes, Avril is a good singer. But our styles are not the same. I also love her music.

Sina: Do you have any familiar singer? Can you call some names?

This time, you perform some original Chinese pop music. So, do you have some interest to perform Chinese traditional music in future?

Lene: Well, I heard that Faye Wong's song is really good. I have singed several songs from Chinese singers. It's delectable. But I think it's not easy to sing Chinese original music.

Sina: Have you listened any Chinese pop music? Is there any singer or song you like?

Lene: Well, this is my first time in China. After I arrived, I heard many Chinese singer's music through the broadcasting station and the television. Although I can't understand the lyrics content they sing, I'm really interested in their music, the melody and the rhythm.

Sina: This time in your new album your new song "Still Here" is a re-imagined cover version of Hong Kong pop queen Faye Wong's song "I'm Willing". Besides the Chinaese pop music, do you have any interest to sing some Chinese folk music or traditional music?

Lene: This time in my new album I cover one Chinese singer's song. It's very interesting, but I stopped after having only a smattering. I'm not sure if I will sing the Chinese national music later, oh, you know this is not easy for me.

Sina: Many of your classical songs have great influence in China. "Sitting down here" was covered by a Hongkong pop female singer called Sandy Lin. Have you ever listened to this song?

Lene: Ha-ha, certainly I've listened it, the Chinese female singers covered my song. Yes it's very interesting, also pleasant to hear, all they did are really good, they chose to cover my song and I'm very happy with it.

Sina: Have you ever thought of carrying on the cooperation with Chinese singer?

Lene: Oh. I think the possibility is not big in a short time.

Sina: I know you are very interested in musical instruments, have you listened to Chinese national musical instruments before? For example, the ErHu and Zheng?

Lene: I have heard some Chinese traditional national musical instruments, it made me feel very interested and curious, but I don't know how to play with them.

Translated from Chinese by Fairy & Alas


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