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09 May 2005
Lene interview at NRK P3 'Musikkmisjonen'
Source : NRK P3
Host Kristin Winsents: Welcome! Totally without bustle and daily updates in the press, Lene Marlin has made a new album. It will be released in June, but already today you can meet Lene here in 'Musikkmisjonen'.

Host: I've got a visit by Lene Marlin, welcome!

Lene: Thanks!

Host: You look brilliantly fit!

Lene: I do? Thanks!

Host: I have to tell everyone, they can't see us!

Lene: No, that's true.

Host: As I said, somebody is smoking secretly, somebody is drinking secretly, but you are recording albums secretly?

Lene: (Laughs)

Host: When did you start this habit?

Lene: Oh, it came a bit by surprise to me too, actually. Well, it wasn't planned, but then it went so well. I met the guys at Stargate, and was to begin something entirely different, and then we felt it went so well, and thought 'oh, this we can't give up, this we have to see through'.

Host: Just like a good cookie? You made one song, and then that worked, and then another...and then it became a full album? Was it like that, you just continued?

Lene: Yes, I didn't think we decided on a full album, it was like 'now we are going to see what we can manage', kind of, see how far we could take it, and if it becomes an album, then it's really great. And, it did.

Host: What is it with these, I mean, it's apparent it's been a chemistry here which has functioned really well?

Lene: Yes, I wonder, I was there two days the first time, and it went really well, it really went by quickly, and when we first started to work, it was a really creative environment. You really got psyched up, and you got a lot of ideas, gets really inspired. It's not always this happens, and it was a really great way of working.

Host: Was it great not to be able to read about your own songwriting process in the papers from week to week?

Lene: (Laughs) Yes, to just get off this...

Host: 'Does the album come, doesn't it come, how is it...'

Lene: Yes, and all these expectations people have for you, I got away from, and it was really great.

Host: Was it liberating on the songwriting process?

Lene: Yes, because it's difficult, you're thinking 'oh, but nobody knows I'm doing this anyway', so you are more relaxed, and, yeah, it was a totally different process this time around.

Host: Did you have to walk around Trondheim with a false moustache, or...?

Lene: (Laughs) No...not really, it wasn't like that. We worked almost the entire time, but obviously, I was there a great deal. Actually, I thought about...I didn't dream of that we could keep it a secret for so long, and it didn't start out pretending to be such a secret either, but we discovered that 'oh, it's so pleasant working in this way, can't we just go on like this?' So we did, but I hadn't dreamt of being able to keep it such a secret.

Host: The rumours are usually flying about quickly, not only in Norway, but in smaller cities?

Lene: Yes, I had never thought I could keep it a secret the whole time...

Host: Perhaps 'Trønderne' (The Trondheim inhabitants - editor's note) are very bad at this rumour thing?

Lene: I thought it was fantastic, it was so good!

Host: The single that has been released, I think it's more rock that what we've heard from you before?

Lene: Yes, it's kind of different, but...I'm really satisifed, now the record is really good, I have to say...(laughs)...it's the best album I've made, and so on and so on...(laughs). No, it's very varied, and those who have heard the album says it's very varied, and that there are a lot of nice stuff there, so we'll see...

Host: Just to remind those who...yeah, most people have probably heard it, but we're going to listen to the first single from your album, 'How Would It Be'.

('How Would It Be' single plays).

Host: Lene Marlin, 'How Would It Be', and here is the woman behind the song!

Lene: Yes...

Host: You look very fit, and in a good mood! Is it great, finally, to not be talking about that you're 'not in a good mood'?

Lene: (Laughs) That is always pleasant.

Host: That people care...

Lene: It's been a lot of fun with just this, a bit like 'yes, a mysterious person that...'

Host: You're one of the few Norwegian artist who have managed to keep a bit of the mystic? Is it strange sitting at home, reading a lot of torrent of words in the newspapers about what you're feeling or thinking?

Lene: Obviously, it's always special, especially when people are incredibly far away from the truth. But I have learned to...you know, when you've been so long in the industry, yes, gotten used to things, so you'll have to learn to ignore some things.

Host: It's not like people are afraid to come up to you, because they think you are so fragile that you will crack?

Lene: Take on me, and I will crack (laughs). No, it's not like that.

Host: You are from Nothern Norway, after all?

Lene: Yes, I do get to speak up if there is something or other. I do that!

Host: You composed 'Venn' together with Espen Lind.

Lene: Yes!

Host: You pulled some strings there. Now you've gone and made an album without involving your record company and such things. Do you have a longer-term plan of being a behind-the-scenes person as well?

Lene: 'Behind-the-scenes' person? (Laughs)

Host: Yes, someone who's pulling the strings, writing for others, producing...

Lene: Absolutely, that about writing for others is something I want to explore. This is a good thing, and writing songs is something I have great pleasure in doing. Absolutely something I want to do more, and it was this I thought I was to spend 2005 on, originally. However, it didn't quite turn out that way.

Host: Then an album just came along?

Lene: A record, yes.

Host: You have done some movie music as well?

Lene: Yes, it was there it actually started, because it was this project in question, where I was to write a song or two, or more, and therefore I went to Stargate to see...I had never been working with them before, and it would be interesting to see what they could do. And then it started from there.

Host: This is about a Danish animation movie, 'The Ugly Duckling'?

Lene: Yes, that is correct. Now we haven't...(laughs)...you know more than me. No, they haven't finished yet, they're keeping at it, it's a long process making such a movie, I've to say.

Host: There are people creating drawings, and...

Lene: They're going at it...(laughs). The little I've seen looks fantastic, but we still haven't...that is, it's not certain that some of my songs will be included there, but at least I was asked, so we'll see.

Host: So, what happened is, that when you were supposed to do something else, the great inspiration came. Perhaps a nice method of working for people to think about?

Lene: Somebody starts...at least, what I experienced with making this album was that it was only done because...I felt that 'now it has to happen, now it feels right'. So I had to do it.

Host: And now you have considerably more live experience than what you had before? Are you planning to be touring with this album?

Lene: Yes, I've absolutely thought about that. I'm very excited to see...you know, people were caught somewhat off guard, they're talking about not just Norway, but also outside of Norway. And thus I reckon there'll be some time with promotion, traveling about, talking about myself and the album...(laughs).

Host: Isn't that really great?

Lene: Now it feels great, I have to say. It's really great!

Host: That's good to hear. We did wonder a bit about what's inspiring you from other people's music?

Lene: Yes, I do listen to a lot of different music, I must say, dependent on the situation you're in. So I have to say, a lot of different things.

Host: However, you've selected one song we're going to hear, by Bruce Springsteen?

Lene: Yes, actually, I got a re-discovery of this song, which is 'Streets of Philadelphia', which I think is a wonderful song.

Host: What is it that this song gives you?

Lene: I'm not sure, it's something with the atmosphere in the song that is really fantastic. So I got the urge...when I started listening to it again not long time ago, I thought 'ooh, such a good song, a really good song'.

Host: Then we'll actually finish this off, with Bruce Springsteen and 'Streets of Philadelphia'. Thanks a lot for coming, Lene Marlin!

Lene: Thanks yourself!

Host: Good luck, and by all means, welcome back!

Lene: Thanks!

(Bruce Springsteen - 'Streets of Philadelphia' plays; Lene's chosen track).

Transcripted and translated by Tef Johs


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