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Another Day
Dvd - 2003
It's the first DVD from Lene Marlin, if we don't take into account the english releases of some singles.The DVD was out in stores in Italy on Sept. 19th, 2003. Everything (songs, interviews, comments, documentary, multiple access to the video tracks, hidden photogallery - the pictures are hidden in litte stars appearing in the menus) is very accurately structured. The result is 80 minutes that document the preparation, the content and the making of "Another Day".
The core of the DVD is the shooting of the playback performances of the songs in the Wessex Studios in London together with the band. Every song is introduced by a comment from Lene herself taken from an interview made in a little room where she wrote and rehearsed for the first time most of the songs of the album with the band. The 10 songs are all the same versions on the CD, except track no.6 "My Love", which is performed live and unplugged in another setting in the studios. Beside the 10 songs there are extra tracks, among which are three previously unreleased ones: "Hope You're Happy", "It's All Good", "Enough" (these latter two were already b-sides from the singles "Another Day" and "You Weren't There"), shot during the actual recording session in the studio. A fourth extra track is a live acoustic version of "Sorry".
As we said, in the DVD there is also an extraordinary documentary, which leads us some more inside Lene's life during the months when "Another Day" was recorded. Its main feature is another interview to Lene together with her producer Mike Hedges, made after the end of the works for the album, in which they run trough all the stages of their work. Between the exctracts we can see different scenes taken from the backstage and the recording sessions.
The exact number of copies sold is not sure, but it should be about 10'000 in Norway and 2'000 in Italy.
Another Day DVD


PAL / All region / 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound / Dolby Stereo / Aspect: 16:9
Subtitles: English - French - German - Spanish - Italian - Norwegian - Swedish - Danish


Another Day
You Weren't There
From This Day
My Love (live)
Whatever It Takes
Fight Against The Hours

Acoustic set:
Hope You're Happy (live)
It's All Good (live)
Enough (live)
Sorry (live)
The making of the album documentary


Another Day

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